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Mini cooper

Mini Cooper had engaged us for 2 photoshoots, themed around Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Chinese New Year

Our brief for the Chinese New Year photoshoot was themed around neon and to create content that was localised. So we felt the best way to capture that visually while giving a sense of local familiarity was to shoot in Chinatown, a location abundant with vibrant neon signs and rustic Asian motifs.

Hari Raya

Our next shoot was to showcase the Mini Countryman themed around Hari Raya.

As the main highlight was the Countryman, we thought it would be the most fitting to shoot in a location that had beautiful natural greenery that at the same time could help elicit 'balik kampung' vibes.

Since our colour palate was green, it was an obvious choice for us to pick another spectacular Malaysian location, Sekinchan, for their vibrant green paddy fields and warm sunrise.

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